Here are a set of sacred texts authored by a highly evolved being who chooses to stay anonymous. All documents made available here contain sacred verses which are to be solely read for their spiritual richness, depth and for the purpose of gaining awareness and understanding. They are not meant for practice, except under the guidance of a master.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hanuman Sadhana Siddhi & Detailed Prayoga

Dear all let me outline the perfection of Hanuman sadhana.

An aspirant who with vrutha and dhayana, chants the mantra for 12,000 times and then do a homa of 1200 number with a mixture of milk , curd and ghee mixed equally with paddy grains(with the shell), he/she will get the perfection. With this perfection, he/she becomes eligible for fulfillment of wishes of both one's own and others.

kadali banana, musambi, the jaggery sweet made of rice, and mango if offered each one thousand in number followed by the offering of food to 21 brahmachari brahmins, he/she will be able to vanquish any ethereal inflictions, possessions, enemies, the bad effects of planets, asuras etc.

A perfected one if he/she takes a bowl of fresh water, infuse the mantra for 108 times to it and then gives it to anyone who have been poisoned, the effect of the poison wards off.

a perfected one if he/she chants the mantra for 900 times, every night for a period of 10 days , he/she will be mitigated from the fears and threats caused by any enemy ; even the enemy is the King.

Detailed Prayoga

Dear all, let me outline the detailed prayoga of the hanuman sadhana.

The fever that is caused by the abhicarini prayoga can be cured by first infusing the vidhuti with 108 times of the mantra and then do a marjara on the patient with the vibhuti in water or just by sprinkling the vibhuti itself on the patient. It takes three days of the same treatment to cure one person completely.

For the ease at treatment of diseases, an accomplished can infuse this mantra on medicines prescribed for the treatment and use them.

If an accomplished drinks milk with reciting the mantra for a battle, he/she never fails. If the vibuthi infused by this mantra is put all over body, the arrows of the enemies never find its way to the accomplished. When there is a wound in body with any weapons or made by insects like scorpion, the vibhuti infused with the mantra can be smeared and the wound will be healed. In all the above situations, mantra is rendered 108 times.

From the glowing fire, collect the ashes and keep it on a vessel. From sunrise to sunset the accomplished should chant the mantra touching the vessel. Now collect a new set of ashes from the fire. Drop both the ashes at the door steps of enemies. The enemies will create differences among themselves and drift apart. if the ashes is mixed with water and make a small smear of that on the forehead, and mix the mixture with sandalwood paste, then mix it with any food items and then give to any person whom you want to control , the person will be under your control as a servant.
Even wild animals are tamed with this.

if an accomplished make an idol of hanuman with the root of "ung" tree and that too to the size of his/her thumb, then do the prana prathista on that along with the pooja with vermilion , installed facing the home, he/she will not be affected by any ethereal beings , fire, poisons, 'enemity' of kings. Also the person will have a prosperity and wealth amassed on a daily basis.

Detailed Prayoga - Marana
Dear all, although marana is not a prayoga which comes under the purview of aghora, for the understanding of the readers i am mentioning a marana prayoga also now. The prayoga is as follows:

With the ashes or sand taken from the cremation ground, make an idol of the enemy. Write his/her name on the heart portion of the idol. Now do the pranaprathista on the idol and then with the chanting of this mantra, the accomplished should cut the idol with a sword. During the chant, one should add the name of the enemy making it "dwiteeyanta" and "cchinthibhindhi" and cut the idol, which means chanting "name of the person" cchinthi, bhindhi, "name of the person" maraya maraya. When one is doing it, he/she should bite her mouth and do the sankalpa dhyana that the body parts of the enemy is getting separated and he/she is dead. One should now press the hands against each other and leave the idol there and go back home. This should be repeated for 8 days. Enemy dies.

There are a few prayoga's in which one can invoke other ethereal beings as sub deities along with the help of a main deity. Its very common in vedic systems that more than one deva is present. But in any forms of other worships it’s rare. I am outlining the invocation of a vethala along with the marana prayoga now. :))

In the cremation ground, make a yagna kunda of semicircle nature (dimensions as per tantra yagna workbooks and not shrauta sutras). The homa is conducted facing the south. The accomplished should untie his/her hair. The articles of offerings are different for brahmanas who are accomplished and other groups castes who are accomplished due to inherent nature that brahmanas worship vedic rituals also.

The articles used for offerings are an equal mixture of salt and mustard, the seed and flower of durdhura,nail,poison,body hair along with chamtha of naruvari; for brahmanas. The offering has to be done 300 times. For non brahmanas,the articles are the wing of crow,kocha,eagle and owl along with 300 times of chamtha of naruvari.On the same night after the offering,one has to chant the mantra for 600 times. Once this process is repeated for 7 days, the enemy dies. Continue the same for another 3 days, a vethala will emerge and will make the accomplished known to the good and evil events and also the future of the accomplished. The vethala will ever remain after and accompany the accomplished one;obeying his/her commands. :))

If the accomplished one draws the picture of hanuman on the earth and chant the mantra adding to the beginning "name of the person to be freed from physical bondage by force, vimochaya vimochaya",then after once chant , he/she should erase the picture drawn with the left hand and repeat the same for 108 times.The person who is held in physical bondage by force will be freed.

The accomplished one of this mantra can perform the vidweshan and vasikaran with this mantra. The difference is the articles of offerings. For vidwesha , one should use karaveera , its flower or pepper. For Vashya; one should use mustard.

For the cure of jwara , one should offer ghee or milk.For the cure of serious
Stomach ailments one should offer the chamtha of kurunochi dipped in oil for 1000 times.

The accomplished one,if he/she offers sandalwood or gorochana or flowers which have good inherent scent, all the luck will be the granted to him as the result.

All shalkarmas can be performed with this mantra after perfection. But the aspirant should be keeping his brahmacharya during the austerities and also remember lord rama with affection.

if an accomplished person who have no specific desires (the aghori) chants this for 1 lakh times, he/she will be upasak to Hanuman.