Here are a set of sacred texts authored by a highly evolved being who chooses to stay anonymous. All documents made available here contain sacred verses which are to be solely read for their spiritual richness, depth and for the purpose of gaining awareness and understanding. They are not meant for practice, except under the guidance of a master.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kali Sadhana Siddhi

Dear all, let me outline the perfection of kali sadhana.

With dhyana and vrutha, if an aspirant do japa of 1 lakh times of the mantra and then do 10,000 times homa using kariveera flowers and do pooja, he will get the siddhi.

Recite the mantra in a cemetery in the night, 10,000 times sitting naked. Then on a corpse (details omitted) at the heart position, sit naked with the blood of one's own sprinkled on erik flowers, do a flower worship with each flower offered chanting the mantra. If this sadhana is fulfilled, the aspirant will become the owner of land of big sizes.

With the vaginal fluid of woman smeared on the body of oneself, do meditate upon this mantra for 10,000 times, the person will become a great poet and will be well known to people.

If this mantra is recited every evening with the sankalpa of kali and mahakala doing "surata" (sexual intercourse of pleasure nature) in their sleeping chamber, for 1000 times for every day for a year , the person will be bestowed upon with the knowledge of all sorts , all vidyas , prosperities, fame, with children and grandchildren and thereby live comfortable forever.

If the mantra is done homa with red lotus flowers for 1000 times, the person will be richer than kubera. If the homa is done with bilwa, then he/she gets a kingdom.
If blood red flowers are offered, one can seduce the entire world for one's own will.

If you recite the mantra sitting in the corpse for 1 lakh times, you will receive the perfection of the mantra and all the desires will be fulfilled.

If the "bali" of rishabha or goat is done with the offering of blood and flesh, then all perfections will reach him/her.