Here are a set of sacred texts authored by a highly evolved being who chooses to stay anonymous. All documents made available here contain sacred verses which are to be solely read for their spiritual richness, depth and for the purpose of gaining awareness and understanding. They are not meant for practice, except under the guidance of a master.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yakshini Sadhana

Dear all, I am moving from the other forms of Tara Ma just to bring more variations for the reader. I ensure that I will be outlining the sadhanas for the various shakthi forms soon.

Now lets focus on the ethereal being called Yakshini. Yakshini is the feminine counter part of Yaksha and its Kubera who is the king to the Yakshas. So there are some schools of practice which believe that, worshiping Shiva as Mrityunjaya followed by Kubera and a request to send a Yakshini should be the order. But I have an alternate school of belief and practice.

There is a difference in the tantra and aghora teachings regarding Yakshini. According to tantra, a Yakshini can bring in all comforts and also play the pseudo role of your mother, sister, lover etc as per your demand. But for aghori, these considerations involve a lot of karmas and hence Yakshini should be invoked just to have an understanding about the being.

There are 30+  Yakshini and I am outlining just a few of them and their variant sadhanas and anustanas. Just like earlier, I will remove a vital element as this series is just for scholarly interests and not for practice.

Dear all, let me outline the Yakshini sadhana for all the readers.

Astra mantra - sahasrara hum phal

Moola mantra - srim srim yakshini ham ham ham swaha

anga –
1) srim hridayaya namah
2) srim shirase swaha
3) yakshini shikaye vashal
4) ham ham ham kavachaya hum
5) swaha nethrabhyam vaushal
6)srim srim yakshini ham ham ham swaha astraya phal

chanda - rishi : vishrava:, chanda : pankthi , devata : yakshini

dhyana shloka –
“smaaredh chambakakaandandare ratnasimhasanesthitam
suvarnaprabhaam ratnabhushabhiraamaam
bhaje sarwasaukhyapradaam yakshinim taam”

Peeta shakthi - hrim namah

Peeta samishti - Om manoharaya yakshini yogapeetaya namah

Peeta pooja mantras - gurwathi jnanatmakam (28), kamadaadi navashakthi, including Peeta samishti with 38 mantras , do the water pooja from beginning to end.

Moorthi kalpana - for peeta shakthi and moola , yakshini moorthaye namah

Upachara - Om hrim om namah

Avahana - as per bhadrakali pooja( i will outline when i write on shakthi upasanas)

Ayudhana nyasa - (omitting this) :)

from dwadastas through naivedya its as per bhadrakali pooja

yakshini pooja samaptam |