Here are a set of sacred texts authored by a highly evolved being who chooses to stay anonymous. All documents made available here contain sacred verses which are to be solely read for their spiritual richness, depth and for the purpose of gaining awareness and understanding. They are not meant for practice, except under the guidance of a master.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vishala Yakshini Siddhi

Dear all, let me outline the methodology for vishala yakshini siddhi

With the dhyana and vrutha, the aspirant has to chant the moola mantra for 8 lakh times. With kuvala, kariveera leaves, amala, kusa grass separately 20,000 numbers as homa and pooja, then the perfection will be bestowed.

After this, if a sankalpa of the yakshini dragging the enemies by a noose, touching by a rope and with a heavy thorned stick beating on the head and chant 10,000 times. Now with the cow dung obtained from the forest, do a homa of 10,000 numbers. Then drop those ashes of homa in the water of wells and place he walks. The enemies either will die or will leave the locations and move away.

The sadhak becomes able to vanquish enemies by the very thought about them.

For an aghori, there are no enemies in the world as persons. But there are certain roadblocks that can be removed by this sadhana. The biggest roadblock for a sadhak in the path of aghora is the vasanas. The vasanas can act as noose attaching the sadhak to the material world. The request to this yakshini now will be to vanquish those thoughts and deeds that cause attachment of vasana to the realms of materialistic world.