Here are a set of sacred texts authored by a highly evolved being who chooses to stay anonymous. All documents made available here contain sacred verses which are to be solely read for their spiritual richness, depth and for the purpose of gaining awareness and understanding. They are not meant for practice, except under the guidance of a master.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mantra Siddhi On Tara Ritual

Dear all , with the pooja vidhana being mentioned lets outline the process of obtaining the creation of mantra sharira, enhancement of mantra sharira and creating the mantrika mandala and finally to the culmination the perfection or siddhi.

For achieving the perfection of tara ritual and obtaining the siddhi,

the mantra - Om hrim trim hum phal

chandas - akshobhaya rishi , brahathi chanda , tara devatha

shadanka, nyasa and other things are as mentioned in previous posts.

with dyana, the mantra has to be recited for 5 lakh times, 50,000 number being done as a homa with the ghee based naivedya, during the period of ansutana, the person should have strict restrictions and shuddhi (that too if you are already not a qualified aghori and only learning :) )

After completion, please continue with the poojas. There are various versions of tara mantras( not mentioning because of safety purposes) . The expression of the siddhi is one to be experienced and not to be defined.

But there are specialized variants of tara mantra on rishi shakhti, gayatri chandas, tara devata. Now those all you are and interested, can refer the variants on references.